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What are Cookies
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Cookies are small text files that are stored by your web browser on your computer.

We use one essential cookies to help work out what your last page was and what we need to present the current page, and to maintain data between pages.

The other two essential cookies we set are related to authentication, and to allow us to remember any form data that is not sensitive between screens while logging on and the other authentication token is a JSON Web Token to authenticate you against our Open ID Connect platform. Without this cookie OIDC does not work, and you would be unable to log in.

We don't store a large amount of data on your computer:

  • Our primary essential cookie stores 27 bytes on information on your computer.
  • The second two authenitication related cookies are 49 and 602>1024 bytes long respectively.
    The larger cookie is information relating to our Public Keying System we operate to ensure our website is secure.
    The second two cookies only appear (or are set) until you try to logon, or are logged in.

You are welcome to delete all cookies from us at any time, but if you are logged in when you clear them, you will be asked to log in again, and they will reappear.

If all of this information is of interest to you, give us a call and have a chat as we would love to talk more on this topic!

Cookie Settings

This website only uses our essential cookies, as detailed in our Cookie Policy which is the primary document on this subject of Cookies.  We do not use or set third-party or cross-site cookies, no Social Media Tracking, No Google on Page Analytics, nothing. We try to keep things as simple as possible.

We take your privacy very seriously. We only store session cookies, which change each time you visit our website or attempt to log on to access our services. So, until you log in, we don't know if you are a repeat visitor or someone seeing our website for the first time. It is part of our ethos to treat everyone the same.

Once you have logged into our website, we track how our website performs and what you do on our website in certain areas, part of our platform performance monitoring system, security systems, and e-billing system. When you log in, we set two additional essential cookies and help us maintain your logged-in status. Otherwise, we would have to ask for your user credentials for each page on the website you visit, which would be annoying.

The tracking of the authenticated session cookies can be seen in your User Dashboard by clicking on your name at the top of this page or clicking the following link:

Below you will find a live list of the active essential cookies we have access to. You can double-check your browser settings if you know what you are doing. To confirm what we are saying, bookmark this website, then close your browser and revisit this website’s bookmark in your browser, and you will see the information below change!

Current Cookies

Here is a list of the cookies we currently have access to, and you can cross check to our Policy:

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